Spanish cinema does not reach 100m euros for the first time in six years


For the past five years, Spanish cinema has surpassed 100m euros at the annual box office. Good times thanks to titles like Champions, by Javier Fesser; Perfect strangers, of Alex de la Iglesia; A monster comes to see me, by Juan Antonio Bayona, or Eight Catalan surnames, by Emilio Martínez-Lázaro. In 2019 it will be the highest grossing Spanish film The father has only one, Santiago Segura, which raised 14.2m euros thanks to 2.4m tickets sold. The comedy, produced by Bowfinger, has become the success of the year and the eighth-highest grossing film on the list of most watched films in Spain. However, Spanish cinema will close 2019 with bad numbers: in total it will add about 95m euros in revenue only in the season in which the box office, on the other hand, has grown by 7%, approaching 625 million euros. More public has gone to cinema in Spain, fewer viewers have chosen Spanish feature films. The share of Spanish cinema will fall below 15%.

The top 10 gross movies of 2019

Spanish cinema does not reach 100m euros for the first time in six years

1. Lion King, by Jon Favreau. 37.1 million euros.

2. jokerby Todd Phillips. 29.9 million

3. Avengers: Endgameby Anthony and Joe Russo. 29.1 million

4. Aladdinby Guy Ritchie. 25.1 million

5. Toy Story 4by Josh Cooley. 20.7 million

6. Frozen IIby Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. 16.5 million.

7. Dumboby Tim Burton. 14.4 million

8. The father has only one, by Santiago Segura. 14.2 million

9. Spider Man: away from homeby Jon Watts. 13.4 million

10. Captain Marvelby Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. 12.7 million.

There is no definitive date yet, because the box office for this week, which includes Christmas Eve / Night, with rooms full of families, and this weekend, on which it has been released, have yet to be counted. Little women, while The Rise of the Skywalker and Jumanji: the next level They will continue to attract the family audience. From ComScore, the audience that collects box office data in Spanish commercial cinemas, prefers not to go ahead and wait for the season to close. After that, the Ministry of Culture will add collections of other projections: summer cinemas, cycles, festivals … But the first figures show some keys: Disney eats more than 70% of the collection, adding Disney plus Marvel plus Star Wars; Spanish cinema says Telecinco Cinema has released only two titles this year -I leave it whenever I want, by Carlos Therón, and If I were rich, by Álvaro Fernández Armero, the second and fourth collection in the collection, respectively – instead of the usual four, and that the middle class of cinema is disappearing, phagocosed by the big releases of diploma, Hollywood studios. Producer Pilar Benito, president of the State Film Association, explains: “They leave us no room. Disney wipes Top20 of the highest earnings of 2019: a list of franchise films, four Spanish films, Once upon a time in … Hollywood and Green book. They kill the competition. "Benito points out, as a positive note," that at least one Spanish title has entered that is not comedy: As the war goes on, by Alejandro Amenábar ”.

"It's like in the world economy, those titles are gone. Disney is purged, and so is Spanish cinema," says María Luisa Gutiérrez, producer of Bowfinger International Pictures, the company behind The father has only one, that on Thursday he started filming his second part. "In the present times, in which instant consumption triumphs, the sooner you give the public what they want, the better. But we haven't filmed a scenario we didn't like." Mercedes Gamero, general manager of Atresmedia Cine, the television production company that backed Segura's comedy, has an impact on that middle class: "This year we released 10 films, three fewer than in 2018, and did better: we added 29m euros, but overall it is noted that this year only six Spanish films exceed three million euros (except for the ones mentioned, As the war goes on, from Amenábar, with 10.9 million; Pain and glory, by Almodóvar, with 5.7 million, and Under the same roof, by Juana Macías, with 3.9 million) compared to nine titles in 2018. It's middle-class drama. Continuity in the industry would come with 15 films in excess of that amount. "Ghislain Barrois, CEO of Telecinco Cinema, this season's second film producer in Spain with 21.8 million, explains:" We've done well, and I think we make films that people want to see – I mean creators like James. We did our homework. In 2019 we will be more eclectic and hopefully more constant. "

Santiago Segura: “There are no secrets. I do what I know
the best possible ”

Yesterday in the middle of the morning, in a sequence of sequences, Santiago Segura (Madrid, 54) participates on cellphone. It's the second day of filming The father has only one 2, the sequel to the highest grossing Spanish film of 2019, which he directs and stars like the previous one, and which already has a release date: July 17, 2020.

Question. When did you think of this second part?

Answer. When the first shoot was over, the kids loved each other like brothers and started crying. They wanted a second piece. I explained that the thing was not so easy. But the crates and good general comments paved the way. In September I started writing the script. Anyway, another year letting myself go on vacation. It's a bad thing when I have a job that I enjoy.

P. Never seen a sequel so quickly.

R. Effectively. Beyond those shooting two or three films of one shot, such as Lord of the Rings, at the distributor Sony told me they haven't even reached it Jumanji. It is in my favor that the cast wanted it and that I stared in writing. Many people wrote to me thanking the family laughter, and I believe in that summer audience.

P. Was this movie born because you are also a dad?

R. It helps you. That my daughters act in the movie is because I have a good time with them and it seemed like a wonderful memory to me when I'm not there.

P. Do you feel loved?

R. Sometimes I'm asked if I'm not angry that I'm not nominated for awards, and I answer, "Do you think I'm so selfish?" The best mimes in the world are spectators.

P. How is this connection achieved?

R. I try to do what I like, and I make those films that say something. In every moment, The father has only one It was a strange bet for me to want to do family cinema. I know there will be people, even my friends, who tell me they liked it, even if it's not their kind of cinema. And among the torrent audience there will be those who dislike this comedy or the previous one I directed, Bluntly. There are no secrets, or I don't know them. I do my best. And even that doesn't guarantee you anything. A friend said it costs as much to make a good movie than a bad one. In an effort to …

P. There is no magic formula …

R. Cinema is like river water, you can never drink the same water twice. It is not the same thing to watch a movie at four in the afternoon than at night alone. When people get kidnapped Skywalker Rise, Remember that 40 years have passed Star Wars? We all change.

Faith of mistakes

In a first version, for the movie The Rise of the Skywalker it was called Growth of clones.


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