Four Ways to Address a Conflict (and Only One Is Appropriate)


Storms are unpredictable. At some point in our lives, we are all faced with situations we do not like. We may disagree with a change in job, that our relationship does not work, or that we do not share certain decisions of political leaders. In that case a conflict occurs to a greater or lesser extent. The interesting thing about this question is to analyze what kind of answer we give in these situations and which one might be most appropriate.

When we encounter a problem we have several options. One of them is to respond passively, keep it status quo or put your head under your arm ("it doesn't matter", "it's not that bad"). But we can also take an active role and cause a change of situation with the tools at our disposal. Our attitude can be more or less helpful to them on the other hand, be it a company, a couple … And it depends on our level of commitment.

If we consider these two variables (activity level and engagement), we find them four Ways to operate in a conflict. We may feel at ease with any of them, but that does not mean it is more appropriate. Let's look at the options that exist and reflect on what attitude we are taking and which one will best suit our needs.


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