When someone asks how will you burn fat This is accumulated in your body, there is a need to play sports, whether on your own or in a gym. For most men, getting started in gym culture is a process that follows the following steps: sign up and, beforehand, your knees start to shake. Center manager fitness takes care to make you a tour, between the grunts and groans of those men whose muscles swell and even beat under their skin when exercising. You look with awe at those you hope will one day unite, occupying her quiet place with those who perform their repetitions with their eyes focused on the mirror, viewing their physique with a kind of perverse worship.

When the tour ends, you ask: "And what about that gloomy place?" The answer: "No, Simba! You should never go there!" We haven't told you, but now your name is Simba, though it has nothing to do with the little Disney lion.

For a long time, It is believed that cardiovascular exercise makes you lose weight, while resistance exercises, like lifting weights, will make you gain weight by strengthening your muscles. Therefore, those who do not want to risk weight gain (even if it is muscular) tend to opt for a complete cardiovascular routine.

but, As science suggests, we are doing everything wrong. A recently published study in JAMA Cardiology analyzed the effect of aerobic exercise and resistance on cardiac tissue. Have you heard anything? Don't worry: neither do we. In essence, the study showed that, when it comes to fat burning, we don't have to run on the treadmill all day. Lifting weights is the key to burning body fat and therefore lose weight.

Led by a research team from Denmark, The study analyzed 50 participants who were randomly assigned to a resistance training regimen 12 weeks (both groups exercised three times a week for 45 minutes). Their results were compared to those of people who did not do any exercise.

The conclusion? Resistance training not only reduces the risk of heart disease by burning fat stored in the heart, but also Lifting weights can burn it at a faster rate than cardio. While both aerobic exercise and resistance training burned fat in the heart muscle tissue, only the resistance exercise burned it around the heart. So, if you want to save a trip to the cardiologist, you need to make sure you follow these exercise routines.

While it is good to know that science has confirmed what many already know, it is not necessary for a group of people in white lab coats and safety glasses to show you how to exercise properly. Personal trainers and fitness specialists have defined it training programs should include aerobic and resistance training be completely useful and effective. Cardio has its own element of resistance training, while weight lifting also has cardiovascular elements. but The idea that weight training blows you up while cardio helps you lose weight is nothing but a myth.

Therefore, we now know that we need to include both in our sports routines. However, these are some reasons why resistance training is better than cardiovascular exercises, in favor of weightlifting.

You train your whole body at once

While cardiovascular activities have the ability to improve heart health and overall fitness while burning body fat, Strength training also has all these benefits … and more.

Weight lifting exercises and other resistance exercises not only focus on specific muscles but also include movements throughout the body. This means that, when you are doing an arm exercise, you not only exercise your biceps, but also You are improving posture and strengthening your bones.

Considering the fact that we work more and more hours – most of which we spend sitting at a desk looking at a computer screen -, the effects of this training on our physical figure are amazing. Almost all of us are used to horrible behavior that can lead to serious illnesses in the future, especially in the back, buttocks, shoulders and neck. Carefully planned strength training can help you improve your quality of life and give you the strength and balance needed to sit and get out of the seat without help.

You get a toned and thin figure

Although weight training doesn't burn as many calories as a cardio workout, More effective for working muscles that burn more calories at rest, including fat. In addition, lifting weights improves metabolism, as the body is working to recover muscle. As a result, those who practice resistance training lose an extra 25% of calories during recovery After a training session.

You gain bone health

One of the major advantages of strength training is its effect on bone health. Osteoporosis sounds like the disease of the elderly, but it should be disturbing for all, as it is estimated that eight million women and two million men suffer from it. As the bones become more fragile and susceptible to fractures, they are more likely to break down due to a smaller drop.

Fortunately, strength training puts pressure on the bones, which pushes the cells into action. Numerous studies have shown that strength training plays an important role in slowing bone loss, and even in bone formation. This makes it an extremely effective tool to compensate for age-related bone mass deterioration.

* Theme originally published in the Australian version of GQ.

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