Donald's vision In short: everything about Israel, vague promises to the Palestinians


Part of an Israeli settlement at Maale Adumim, this Tuesday on the West Bank.

Trump would not be less. The president and president of the United States need a vision of the Middle East and the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Donald's vision is exactly that of Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister this indicted by the prosecutor on monday, which aspires to renew its mandate within 35 days of the third general election held in Israel since last April.

In his three years in office, Trump has taken unusual steps that no one had previously dared to take, such as relocating his country's embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, recognizing the city of all three religions as the inherent capital of Israel and acknowledging that the Golan occupied Syria is a territory of Israeli sovereignty. It is now ready to cross the threshold expected by West Bank settlers, as it will recognize Israeli sovereignty over the settlements of Judea and Samaria, completely illegal under United Nations resolutions. It's no surprise. Not even a novelty. Putin did it before in Crimea. she is a trumpismo in its purest form the decision is unilateral, without negotiation with the other party. Multilateral institutions and relations remain. A factual situation, forcibly imposed, is recognized. And it has been proven to rely on a method well known by New York real estate speculators: money for fools for those who accept treatment and fear in the body for those who reject it.

Marean figures millionaire. Politics is politics and it is business. Dual communication infrastructure will need to be invested to connect Israeli territory separately from confetti of still reduced territories for Palestinians. The incentive for them to accept the peace that is imposed on them more than they propose is also twofold: If they do not want investment, they will lose even more territory. They will have a deadline to accept the plan, drawn up by specialists in the sale of parcels and construction of urbanization. After the expropriations and deportations, of course.

In short: everything about Israel, vague promises to the Palestinians. Provided they behave well and accept it. Remaining words: there is even talk of a future state for the Palestinians and a capital city in East Jerusalem. But control of territory from the Jordan to the Mediterranean will be in the hands of Israel and its eternal and undivided capital will be Jerusalem.


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