Gareth Bale his sum for electronic sports with his professional FIFA team


Gareth Bale (Photo: AFP)
Gareth Bale (Photo: AFP)

eSports They remain a more than attractive place for celebrities. We have already seen people like Antoine Griezmann or Will smith Creating their own teams. now, Gareth Baleforward Real Madrid from Spain, is one of the & # 39; jets & # 39; new e-sports.

The footballer introduced his team to social networks Ellevens Esports, who will attend FIFA eClub World Cup (7 – 9 January), one of the most important tournaments for electronic sports clubs in the FIFA video game.

It should be noted that Ellevens Esports It is a painting that has been in operation since November last year, but was not known for Bale's participation, which was recently confirmed.

"Ellevens Esports is an elite game organization owned by Real Madrid and Welshman Gareth Bale. The Bale team is made up of some of FIFA's best competing players who will be joining some of YouTube and Twitch's most exciting personalities, "he reads official website of the team.

On the other hand, Bale says he has similar characteristics between eSports players and traditional athletes: “On the pitch, the goal is always to win. With Ellevens Esports, that winning attitude is just as important. There are similarities between football and electronic sport in the sense that it takes dedication and sacrifice to get to the top of your game. ".

Likewise, three members of Ellevens Esports are also known, these being: Pedro 'Resende' Soares (Brazil), Ethan 'EthxnH' Higgins (England) and Tyler 'Tyy' Phillips (Wales); All those professionals at FIFA.

On the other hand, Ellevens Esports will not only be present at FIFA, but it also has open calls for the following game players: Fortnite, Rocket League, League of Legends, CS: GO, Rainbow Six, Call of Duty, Overwatch, Dota 2, Apex Legends, Street Fighter and PUBG. All information here.


The FIFA eClub World Cup will take place between January 7 and 9 in the city of Milan, Italy. Organizers will distribute US $ 100,000 prizes.

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