It looks like a new name will join the list of famous that have us surprising with a radical physical shift this 2019. It's about Nolan Gould, or as we all know for 10 years, Luke Dunphy, the smallest of the Dunphy family in the series "Modern Family".

And is this over the last decade we have been able to witness how the actor has grown and changed after he first appeared in the serial for 10 years so far that he has turned 20. And though it may seem that evolution Luke Dunphy / Nolan Gould don't be as drastic as the one we saw Robin Arryn's "Game of Thrones" (had not been in the series for years), the new images Gould shared from a interview with Pruning has left them all fans (and not so fans) with an open mouth.

Those who have followed the last few seasons of "Modern Family" have been able to observe it, who was a child a few years ago, is now an adult. But despite that, Luke Dunphy He is still the youngest of the family and almost no one had noticed the gym hours the actor was devoting to behind the cameras. For everyone it was still that thin, tall teenager from a few years ago, but these photos show Gould He is taking his physical form very seriously. Something he's been working on especially this past year on his social networks.

Yes, Some do not believe that this transformation is 100% real. So he wanted to make it clear Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell Pritchett, Luke's uncle in the series) with his comment on the post on Instagram: "Photoshopped". Ferguson can't help making jokes, and it is that after 10 years of seeing him grow into the first person, the family side always shows up.

To the sadness of the fans, Luke Dunphy's evolution can no longer be seen from next year, and that is The upcoming Season 11 will be the last of the Modern Family 'Family. But Nolan Gould's followers will surely be more likely to see it. According to his statements on the C & # 39; test Prune, in the coming months he will present a small film called "Yes" at some festivals.

This photosensitivity certainly has been Gould's first step to saying goodbye to Luke, the character who has played half-life and is so close that he can't even remember what things he really did and what those new Dunphy's were (especially in the early seasons). Goodbye Luke Dunphy, hello Nolan Gould.

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