You've been in the gym for months (or even years), but still, you still have the spirit to climb some stairs or when making a required Hiit circuit. Come on, you're not as fit as you want. but, Seed is appropriate? Are you happy with yourself? Keep shopping bags free of snoring?

There is one International Academy of Fitness that dictates the rules of what it is to be fit or not fit. The answer is completely subjective. But there is one type of exercise that everyone associates with physical healing: push or push, calisthenics exercises par excellence.

When we start going to the gym after years of inactivity, we are unable to do more than that Three pushes without collapsing. However, with months of training, we are mastering this demanding exercise and adding repetition. What the hell, let's find out now International Academy of Fitness and we will propose a table that will decide whether you are fit or not. It's about to do 10 times each of these types of lift ups. If you are able to do it, congratulations, you are capable.

1) Classic push up

Before we begin to complicate our lives, let's try to do 10 classic pushups, of those of a life, of those who taught you in school. To do them well, you must put your hands under your shoulders and your fingers must be always aim ahead (never on the sides because you can get hurt). the knees should be raised and your body should form a straight line from the feet to the head (be careful letting the hip very low or very high). You just have to go down and up, and if your chest touches the ground, the better.

2) inclined upward push

It's very simple: rest your arms on a bench and make 10 pushups.

3) Push up rejected

This is more complicated: you have to have rest your feet on a raised surface that allows you to bend. It's a perfect exercise to work on your chest.

4) Push Up Diamond

The name of this exercise is because of the way you have to put your hands up. is a classic push in that you have to have put your hands together and make your fingers shaped like a diamond. Great for working on chest and triceps.

5) Wide Pressure Up

Another variation of the classics, but this time hands should be as wide as possible. This is how the outside of the chest and shoulders work.

6) Point pushes up

We arrived at the Expert Area **. It's all about making a pyramid with your body, ** with your tiptop and hip as high as you can put it. In this exercise the objective is to hit with your luggage and touch the ground with your head (little, we don't want you to hurt yourself).

7) Spiderman pushes up

In the classic push position, you have to bring your knee to your elbow every time you go down. There is an advanced version that includes holding one arm forward while the knee is advanced to the opposite side. Yes, like Spiderman when he climbs a building.

8) Explosive propulsion

Put yourself in a classic push-up position, down and when you climb with your hands as far as you can slide. Damage the fall well Why can you hurt your wrists?

9) Hindu pushes up

Here the words are worthless. Better watch the video.

10) Archer push up

The hardest version, the test you will only pass if you are capable. It is a bend with one arm, which must withstand all body weight. If you can make these 10 (plus the previous 90), congratulations.

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