Meghan Markle and Harry use security officers as "servants"


Meghan Markle and Harry use security officers as "servants"

Photo credit: @sussexroyal

Scotland Yard guards assigned to the security of the Duchess are seen gathering food and running errands.

It is alleged that Scotland Yard officers guarding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle said they were treated as "servants" and forced to perform "servile duties", such as gathering food.

Apparently, highly trained security personnel have also been seen buying food from an organic grocery store, one of Meghan's favorites, and collecting coffee from Tim Hortons fast food shop.

A team of 15 guards is set to protect the couple and their nine-month-old son Archie in their isolated Canadian country after leaving royal duties.

It is estimated that the security of the Duke and Duchess will cost taxpayers in Canada and the United Kingdom between US $ 4 million and US $ 8 million a year, as staff work 24 hours a day, two weeks in a row.

Security personnel were seen carrying coffee and sandwiches from a cafe near the Canadian Sussex residence. A source said they think they were performing servant duties. "

A real security source told The Sun on Sunday: “While the boys are happy to be doing the job, there is a sense that they are performing servile tasks, such as getting food to go and groceries.

"They are close defense agents and they should only adhere to tight defense instead of making mistakes."

"It is dangerous because if something happened, it would not be good if one of them would direct a message or get coffee."

A local source also told the newspaper that the guards have a "fleet of cars" and are stock men who appear to be British, which makes it "difficult to & # 39; detect them in a secluded country like this".

Buckingham Palace and Met Police declined to comment as they did not comment on security issues.


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