British Health classifies the Gwyneth Paltrow series as potentially dangerous


Gwyneth Paltrow He has conquered every influencer's last bastion – because, more than anything else, the actress is now an influential person – it's worth his salt: have your own series on Netflix. On January 24, the six chapters of his first season arrived on the platform, with titles such as Travel Healing, Healthy Cold or Energy therapies.

Hidden under a pseudonym like everything surrounding Goop, the lifestyle blog and then the Paltrow store, the series could be a gamble or, as pointed out by science journalist Javier Salas on the day of its premiere, A public health problem. A problem that has now even been considered by senior instances. The chief executive of the NHS, the British public health system, has warned of the risk of broadcast content.

According to Simon Stevens, the series is "misinforming", though Netflix has made sure it is done "for fun, not for medical advice." However, doctors and medical researchers parade through it, which makes it associated with health. The NHS leader inquired about the "dubious welfare products and rare procedures" shown in the series.


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