Putin's reforms displaced the opposition Russian activists and opponents are campaigning against constitutional and alternative changes


Vladimir Putin during his speech on January 23 at the World Holocaust Forum held in Jerusalem.

Vladimir Putin's surprise announcement of a the fundamental reform of the Constitution has seized the opposition in the country. The move by the Russian president has been so fast that opponents have taken a while to react and change their options to oppose reforms that Putin, according to analysts, wants to remain in a high-impact position after his term ends. his presidential term in 2024.

While the parliamentary opposition is loyal to Putin and has supported constitutional reform, the extra-parliamentary opposition – the "truth", according to its members – is mobilizing to protest what some call a "constitutional coup" and prepare a campaign for non the popular consultation announced by the Kremlin.

"Putin's aspiration is to preserve the supreme power in the country," criticizes Nikolai Ribakov, the leader of the Yábloko party. "He is a man who comes from special intelligence services. What is happening now is a special operation, and should be fast so as not to give anyone time to think, "Ribakov adds at his party headquarters in Moscow. This socioliberal political formation, which has no parliamentary representation, has created a council of lawyers, activists, politicians and citizens of all species, which is preparing its own alternative proposals for amendments to the Constitution, one of which is the recovery of a four-year presidential term, instead of six.

The reform, which also incorporates social elements such as pension protection, is a political earthquake, but the mobilization of citizens has been scarce. Excellent typing and specialization is a lot. There have been almost no lonely protesters. Although Yábloko and other opposition parties are planning a demonstration in late February.


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