Kevin Costner and his life outside cinema


Actor, director, producer and now screenwriter. Kevin Costner turns 65 this Saturday, but he has no intention of retiring. The translator is writing a police drama for television called ISB, Investigative Services Branch (research services subdivision, in Spanish), as an advanced portal last December The Hollywood Reporter. The plot is about a series of crimes taking place in the national parks of the United States. He will also serve as the producer of this series, but it is not known at the moment if he will have any role in the fiction. What is clear is that this new project is his debut as a screenwriter after nearly 40 years in the entertainment industry.

At first, he didn't think about being an actor. He studied business administration and administration at California State University and soon began working in marketing. But a chance encounter with Richard Burton – known for movies as well Cleopatra or 1984– He changed his life. The two agreed on a plane and Costner did not hesitate to talk to the British actor and tell him he had always liked the interpretation. Burton gave him at that time a piece of advice sent to the letter: "To be happy we must fight for our dreams."

And that's how it happened. He packed his bags and moved to Hollywood. It took him a while to get a job as an actor, so he had to accept other jobs, such as a tour guide, fisherman or truck driver. But the reception paid off and played to great success: The untouchables of Eliot Ness, JFK: Open Case or bodyguards, among other films. Dance with wolves It was his first project as a director. And it wasn't bad because he won an Oscar for it.

But Costner has other interests beyond cinema. In 1995, it acquired Ocean Therapy Solutions, a company developing centrifuges to separate oil from water. The actor has always supported environmentalism, long before it was Friday for the upcoming movement (Friday for the future, in Spanish), led by activist Greta Thunberg. "When I see that there is a problem, I try to solve it with my own money. I've done it now with this movie and I do it with my company, with which we try to help with the oil spills, and I'm proud that I can do this, "he said in 2015 at EL PAÍS during the promotion of Best of all.

Through the company, he gave her a centrifuge the Ishikawa Japanese province for clear the black tide that occurred on the north coast of the country after Demolition of an old Russian oil tanker in 1997. "I feel very excited to be able to offer you my car," he told Japanese authorities in a message. More than a decade later, She helped clean up the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The so-called "Kevin Costner solution" consisted of installing six large centrifugal machines to prevent the disaster caused by the explosion of one of BP's oil wells in 2010 while continuing to spread throughout the area. "I have very intelligent people working in that business because I don't know how to do it. But I know how to support people and, incidentally, pursue my dreams. If I'm not that smart enough to do that, I'm asking who can, ”he told the magazine Zoomer five years later

He was a shareholder of Ocean Therapy Solutions with Stephen Baldwin, the younger brother of actor Alec Baldwin. But the latter ended up losing a lawsuit against Costner in 2012. He sued the protagonist of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves because, allegedly, to exclude it from the benefits of a millionaire contract that, in 2010, the company signed with oil company BP after the environmental disaster in Gulf of Mexico After ten days of trial, a New Orleans jury decided Costner would not pay Baldwin the 13.5m euros he claimed. "In the end the most famous actor has won," the plaintiff's lawyer said as a summary of the process.

Costner also won in 2008 the trial against an artist who had demanded nearly twenty sculptures of bison and Indian warriors made of bronze. Peggy Detmers had created the figures to place them in a resort that Costner wanted to build on the land he bought with his brother Dan in South Dakota. But that project didn't go ahead and the actor decided to move them to the museum Tatanka: The Story of Bison, which recreates the history of these animals. Again, the most famous came out victorious.

Kevin Costner, during a concert by Kevin Costner & Modern West in Schladming (Austria), in 2013.

Kevin Costner, during a concert by Kevin Costner & Modern West in Schladming (Austria), in 2013. Gtresonline

Successful actor and businessman Costner disagreed. During the promotion of Thirteen days in Spain, he realized that he needed to turn his career around. "On the day of the premiere in Madrid, I signed so many autographs and people were so good that I decided I had to offer more than one movie," he told EL PAÍS in 2010. So he decided to show his musical side, something that many of the Hollywood stars didn't know, and founded the band Kevin Costner & Modern West, with which he has released four albums.

The jump to politics has not happened yet, but he is reluctant to talk about it openly. Protecting the use of guns, though defending his rules, had a Republican background – played golf with Ronald Reagan – and has supported various Democratic candidates, such as Barack Obama, since the nineties. Last December, the actor attended a campaign event in Iowa by Pete Buttigieg, a Democratic presidential candidate for 2020. "He's a man who understands not only how the world views us, but how history and and perhaps the most important thing is that I see Pet as a man of his moment and time, "Costner said.


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