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The recipe for incredible abs is simple: you need to repeat specific exercises to strengthen the area, avoid eating in the fridge, and follow a healthy diet. According to Edwin Wealth, personal trainer at Equinox Centers in the United States, "The best way to improve your torso and gain resistance is to work the core", or what is the same, the muscles surrounding the abdomen and lower back.

Be very careful, demotivation can endanger your good intentionsIt's a long way off, you won't wake up overnight with the absurdity of Chris Hemsworth. It is recommended not to feel frustrated plan a strategy this prevents you from asking yourself if you get any results or if you can show up this summer. Thanks to some of the best coaches, we can help you get it.

Next, we propose a table of 6 exercises to sculpt your belly that you can do at home, and that you can include in daily routine or, if you're too ambitious, turns into a circuit. Try to make two batches of each, leaving a time of 30 seconds to regain strength.

Hardboard (iron)

For this exercise you have to face, with luggage and legs extended and contracted forearms, you do not need material. To perform the exercise, extend the forearms until a position similar to an iron is reached. It is important that the elbows are alienated with your shoulders and that you can open and close your hands.

Experts recommend Don't bother with the obvious ease and do it carefully. Weath says "the trick is to keep your neck as tight as possible and to control your breathing." On the other hand, remember that no matter how many times you've done it before because it can be as difficult as you want to be.

** dead wrong **

No extra equipment needed, Lie on your back with your arms outstretched and your legs bent at an angle of 90º. Next, lower the right arm to the head height and the left leg to ground level. Return to the starting position and repeat the movement with opposite limbs. Do 14 repetitions to complete a batch.

Denzel Allen, a San Francisco coach, recommends that the back is in contact with the ground at all times and try to breathing should be as regular as possible. He says the move "helps train coordination between the upper and lower extremities and can help improve cognitive functions".

** Wrong mistake **

It's simple and you don't need extra material. Sit on the floor and surround your feet with hugs, imitating the shape of a ball. then, stretch your arms and legs at the same time and try to hold that position for at least 5 seconds. Do 5 repetitions to complete a batch.

Our expert Ashley Wilkins, Nike and Rumble Boxing coach, recommends “a save as much as possible during the elongation phase and use the ball stage to recover He adds that there is no way to be motivated when interpreting it is "to think that you are squeezing something."

** Handkerchief side lift **

Before you begin, select a dumbbell whose Weight fits your abilities. Next, stand with your feet open on the groin and hold the dumbbells with your right hand, the palm of your hand should be inward, that is, towards the bend. Keep your back straight and focus the tension on your core. Exercise is completed by stretching your left arm, try to reach hip height. Hold that position for a second and go back to beginners. Do between 12 and 20 repetitions to complete a set.

Wealth insists on importance "Choose dumbbells well because it helps to keep you strong and maximize results." It is also essential " adapt the realization time to the capacity of each, because abdominles are not achieved by suppression but by progressive effort. "

Squats Barbell

It's a version of traditional gathering characterized by working area of core and for incorporating a bar that will help strengthen your back. Stand upright, with your legs open at the same distance as the shoulder separation and the shoulder strap behind your head. Once in this position, remove the buttocks, as if you were lying on a chair, and bend your knees as much as possible. Return to the starting position to do more repetitions, do 12 to complete a set.

Wealth tips are to focus on maintaining abdominal tension while moving. Add it " Once you master the movement, you can add weight to the bar. It should be done progressively to avoid injury. "

** The bird dog **

Get started on quadruple position, with shoulders on his wrists and knees. In this exercise, it is essential to maintain balance as you have to raise your right arm and left leg at the same time, focus on that tension in the center of the abs. As the leg is pulled, the leg should be extended and the palm of the hand should face its body. When the arm and leg are at the same height as the torso, make one a second stop. Next, join the elbow and knee below the body. Repeat the movement with the other limbs and complete the run 5 repetitions.

Wilking advises "keep your neck straight and your eyes fixed and take your breath to create tension." In addition, it warns that they can happen injury if the elbows extend longer than they should.

* Topic originally published on GQ United States.

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