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It is reassuring to think that in Spain 2020 has begun closing cycles. We have a government, finally! And, after seeing Pablo Iglesias crying with broken emotion, he made us sympathize with him, though I have friendships that they can't even name. It was a cry of distress but also of propaganda. Few convinces more than a bullied male. And for emotions it is Hello!, which has achieved the best cover of recent months: María Tereza Campos raised to a mythological character: true love triumphs at any age and even if it ends badly it can make you survive. There is nothing that fascinates us as much as a survivor.

The cover of María Teresa Campos has all the ingredients of a good number of Hello! In an interior setting dominated by brass and cognac tones, she is dressed only in a certain air of pre-Spanish deity and a full view of the information that generously ignites the interview. But there is also a vague thrust, to move forward, to never fall down so as not to rise. María Teresa Campos is a young hero. When he explains that his ex-boyfriend, Mustache Arrocet, left him for WhatsApp we were worse off than with Iglesias tears. How can something so evil be done! In the 1990s, Daniel Day-Lewis did the same with Isabel Adjani, but using fax. Terrible, very rude. But Campos, like Adjani, grows up before this slap and when they tell us it is so we learn to be better even when they leave us on the ground. I regret this conclusion because I defended the principle of adult and brilliant romanticism. Maria Theresa's romance felt phenomenal. Reached in her vivacity and sense of humor. We all know that she helped open a path for professional women in this country at the cost of a high family price. With a mustache she seemed to take breaks within her own intensity. But Mustache failed. Again and again until he bid farewell to the bad taste. You know what, Maria Theresa? Better start the year without a mustache.

A similar heroine is the director of the organization responsible for celebrating the Golden Globes because it offered a vegan menu to people more aware of their futility and emitting toxic gases around the world, such as the Hollywood community. Many have been shocked that Hollywood proposes vegan food as a formula and protocol against carbon emissions and climate change. It usually happens to vegans who are angry and when trying to entice you with their ideas, they seem to resort to rampant proselytism and tend to be magnificent. But they had never done anything like taking the menu of one of the most important awards. Gastronomic innovations completely displaced the repetitive list of the best and worst night dresses. It makes less and less sense because everyone is so overproduced that they remember the costume collection from a very expensive multi-brand store. Although night stars didn't arrive in electric cars, this is a first step towards sustainability becoming another ingredient in the entertainment industry.

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Brad Pitt, at the Golden Globes, last Sunday.

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Brad Pitt, at the Golden Globes, last Sunday. Getty Images

I myself have leaned a bit towards veganism since I discovered that lentils are the vegan world what bacon is the other world. And as I spent hours hydrating and creating a kilo of boy nuts, at the home of some vegan friends in Miami, I felt I could finally learn something that took enough time to calm my husband.

Speaking of tranquility and men, Ries's knight served as a stage for Cayetano Rivera, Eva González's husband, to recover the tranquility lost several weeks ago by the publication of unfathomable photos with a friend in London. Of course, this friendship has already been lost and probably without the need for WhatsApp, or a letter to Kings. Another man, Iker Casillas, of Sara Carbonero, also benefits from the start of the year and the legislature to rebuild relationships with her parents. Dialogue as a form of conflict resolution, harmony recovery is a dish that is now on many menus. But it is easier to talk than to give wheat. Or that being vegan.

I intend to convince Maria Theresa that her next love should be more herbivorous. And more polite.


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