A peace plan to perpetuate the occupation of Palestinian territories White House project on Middle East sets preconditions in favor of Israel in negotiations


An Israeli soldier faces a Palestinian protest Wednesday in the West Bank.

"The Jordan Valley, which is vital to Israel's national security, will remain under Israeli sovereignty." Donald Trump's peace plan, presented to the White House on Tuesday in the absence of Palestinian representatives, not far from the one proposed by Bill Clinton at the end of his term. The current Republican president offers more than 80% of the territory, which the Palestinians aspire to; the Democrat promised them in 1999 up to 90%. But as the so-called Clinton parameters left the door open for negotiations between the parties, Peace Initiative for Prosperity Now sponsored, it provides extremely favorable prerequisites for Israel and gives it the opportunity to freely use the annexation of Jewish colonies to the West Bank and the strategic Jordan Valley. "100% of what was announced was already heard in 2012 by (Benjamin) Netanyahu," veteran Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said Wednesday. "Trump has restricted himself to copying and pasting Israel's plans," he said upside down opposing a proposed deal he described as partial.

The Israeli Prime Minister's repeated thesis on a Palestinian entity that is less than a state, demilitarized and subject to custody, emerges in the 180-page document that the Trump Administration has taken more than two years to bring to light. . Immediately following the split of the Eastern White House phase, Netanyahu announced to the Jewish press approval of the annexation of the Jordan Valley – the occupied Palestinian West Bank territory since 1967 – at the Israeli Cabinet meeting on Sunday. The simplicity of the decision has been delayed due to "technical legal issues", a government official said. In the coming days, the Kneset (Parliament) should also decide on the absorption of the territory, which will follow the steps taken 40 years ago with East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.

Trump's plan will not change the daily reality of the occupation imposed for more than half a century, but it will include a West Bank split between the 400,000 settlers whose Israeli law will apply exclusively, and the 2.5 million Palestinians subjected to the law. military of the occupier. These are the keys to Trump's plan.

Israel's national defense is the cornerstone that holds baptized by the United States as a treaty of the century. In areas of the West Bank that are not annexed by Israel, a new state of Palestine could come out of control over its borders, where "the transit of people and goods will be monitored by Israel." Also in the Gaza Strip, where the Islamist movement would have to accept complete disarmament. Israel will ultimately retain military control or, as the plan's text says, "essential security responsibility".


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