when Netflix decided to save the Lucifer series (formerly on Fox), its protagonist Tom Ellis Not only did he sign a contract with the platform, he also made one pact with the devil (never said better). Because Netflix heard fan prayers all over the world, but in return, actors will have to be in maximum physical level and with the most defined muscles of earth, paradise and hell.

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And it's that Lucifer returns, but they promise more action, more terror and most of all, more meat, so Ellis (who wasn't bad in the Fox era) has to move on real heck (ready) to get the body worthy of a fallen angel.

3 months of intensive training

As usual among Hollywood actors, Ellis was already following an exercise routine with her coach Paolo Mascitti (who trains other members of the series), but it's been in these last three months when the big change has come. 2 hours a day, six days a week and a restrictive diet It has been the key to transformation.


The actor has shared in the networks during this time some of the exercises and routines he has followed. It is clear through her Instagram profile that memes have officially become her best friends.

To work shoulders for example, Ellis turned to basic but effective "Front flight" or front dumbbell lift. Each group consists of 10 repetitions in which the wings alternate. Another exercise was also "Shoulder Press".

For the wings, Lucifer's protagonist did everything. from pilometric propulsion (albeit without hitting the air) that works with both the chest and abdominal area, too bicep curl, work with ropes or rope drills, and triceps with roll. The latter left his coach for the last time, when the body is already tired.

TRX and yoga

From what he can see with his photos, TRX exercises or suspension training were not missing in those 3 months, especially those related to sector and abdominal worklike him chest press in suspension And is that one of the goals the actor scored was to get a six pack before he turned 40.

But aside from the typical routine, Ellis explained in an interview for The New Patato that along with the high-intensity exercise he was doing, he had also started practicing yoga. This is because his body, according to Ellis, suffers more with age (he is 39) and yoga helps you to recover better.

What is clear is that 3 months of intensive training can achieve such a brutal transformation Like that of actor Lucifer, who although not a stranger to the gym, did not devote his time and effort to the present. It would have been Tom Ellis's special hell, but it has yielded results.

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