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You've probably seen it in your gym that strange warning that, in one corner of the room, is proudly thrown into the rope. "Why and what does it do for you?", You might have asked yourself. If you google it soon, you will find that it is one cardio exercise that, surprise!, make sure it is more effective than running. But then, why are there only one or two “pringados” jumping the rope as they wait for a turn to catch one of the crowded routines? So many people can't go wrong …

According to Juanjo Rodríguez, personal trainer and sports adviser GQ, crossing the rope "is an effective exercise, but also mastering it correctly and being able to make enough time to consider that exercise takes time. Moreover, doing thirty passing minutes can be a little boring for the mind, so keeping it for months is tricky for people. "And not only that," at first, until they master the technique, people stop hard as the rope hits their feet and the drill is cut in. In addition, it ends very quickly, ie to master it, you have to spend some time "and, let's be honest, at a high percentage, people are too lazy in the gym to be there more than a quick board requires us to be calm with our conscience (though it's not enough )

How to jump the rope

If, after discovering the main disadvantage of training, you continue in your quest to master the art of dance, you should know that "Among its advantages we can say that it is an exercise that burns a lot of calories while working leg strength"Rodriguez explains. Not to be too tired, our specialist recommends "incorporating it into exercises in training circles and at intervals of three minutes." That way we will get used to it.

How do you do it well? “The best way to start is to try keep a sequence of 100 jumps in a row ”, The coach emphasizes. “The normal thing is to do he jumps briefly with both feet together and simply moves his arms to perform hand movement. Then it can be very tricky, for example, making two jumps for each lap, turning the rope while jumping, etc., though it takes a lot of practice. "

At the end of the day, the weirdo who crosses the rope in one corner of the room has more control over his mind than anyone who (makes them) run like a slot machine. The jump rope requires concentration and you set goals progressively until you get results, but once you own it, you'll fight against foul swimming like no other.

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