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Go through the doors gym It involves entering a parallel universe, with its own codes, norms, and interpersonal relationships. All this between sweat and tears, of course (or so it is assumed, though not always so). The special theme is sports clothing. Here the chaos rules uncontrollably: there are those who wear propaganda t-shirts, singles who look uniform in their uniform cotton, professionals who defy the latest technical innovations and, of course, those of the top of the tapestry tank. If not all of this, if at any time you commit atrocities look at the earth, you will observe that if in the combination shirt + pants nothing makes sense, the socks go their turn.

There are polls, short, semi-round, medium type and even pink (or invisible socks). Don't worry, it's normal that among such a variety of choices one wonders if yours is correct. What are the correct gym socks? Should they be white or colored? Plain white or plain with colored stripes? Before moving on to these questions, a term needs to be clarified. It is not the same thing to practice sports at the user level than professional sports. In the first case, it will be enough for the sock to be cotton so that the foot will explode. In the second, in addition to cotton, they usually incorporate a fabric technology that favors performance and foot support. Once this is clarified, let’s focus on your fitness room at the user level.

As a general rule, sports socks are usually white, though there is always a lunatic who surrenders to print fantasy. In this case, Is there one more accurate than the other? If we travel into the "last" past, we will find that sports understood as entertainment began to be practiced in the 19th century. At the time, it was an activity reserved for the wealthy (leisure) classes, who also wore white from head to toe, for this type of recreational event. Do you now understand why white socks? The colored strips on top of these would later appear for differences between teams.

However, time evolves and patterns change. Dressing in strict white is no longer a condition sine qua no to practice sports (In fact it's a bit absurd due to the dirt of this color), so it is understandable that the colors have also moved to the socks. Therefore, answering the first question, while they are made of cotton, all socks are fine.

Once the first phase is selected, let's move on to the second: Is there an exact length for socks in the gym? In this case, we will use common sense. Sneakers are comfortable shoes, but depending on the activity and intensity of exercise, they can cause movement.. Therefore, it is advisable that at least all the parts of the foot touching be covered by a sock to avoid injury. This makes us exclude pinkies (which will simply avoid contact of the heel with the shoes but will not protect it) and stay with ankle loops, mid-cane ones and socks. If we're talking about standard – not technical – socks – the knee socks will fulfill a purely aesthetic function, as there is no need to cover your leg up unless you include some shin guards. That said, the most sensible thing would be to choose a pair of ankle or half ankle.

We have already tried to eradicate the chaos that is fulfilled in gym anarchy is something else.

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