1. Do abdominal exercises with resistance

Adding a counterweight to your usual workout routine compresses your abdominal wall, which will end up getting that tablet to shine. One of the simplest tricks is to leave your feet hanging, according to personal trainer and fitness teacher Nate Bower. Simply hang on a tow bar and lift your legs to form a 90 degree angle with your luggage. You can also raise your knees until they touch your stomach. "Resistance movements are so effective that you want to do more," Bower explains. "As soon as a few days pass!"

2. Remove sugary foods

Don't pretend this comes as a surprise: "If you really want abs, to be envious," says Bower, "stop eating sweets and focus on healthy eating." Cookies, cakes, sweets and soft drinks contain processed sugars, which, according to Sarajean dietician and personal trainer Shakti Rudman, end up raising blood sugar levels significantly. It is all due to the high insulin and the accumulation of fats that they cause in your liver.

3. Lay the eggs

Eggs are full of protein and amino acids, very important for building muscle mass. And muscles burn more calories than body fat, even when resting. In a study published in the International Obesity Journal, subjects who ate eggs for breakfast as part of a plan to control calories and fat had lower body mass and 16% less body fat than those who started their day. dipping donuts.

4. Remember the weights

"Although most uncles in the gym do weights to strengthen their legs," Bower says, "the truth is that they provide a tremendous stimulus to get an essential and defined."

5. Drink water, not Coca-Cola

It is much more gentle with your stomach. One study finds that those who are into low-calorie sodas end up gaining almost three times more belly fat for a period of nine years than those who are not. In addition, water does a better job of keeping you hydrated, which is especially important if you tend to get sick. According to Rudman: "The main cause of constipation is dehydration, which can cause gas, bloating and a fluffy belly."

6. Almonds are your only snack

They are the best food for your abs. One study showed that subjects who consumed about 14 grams of almonds a day (as part of a cholesterol-lowering diet) lost more belly fat than those who ate muffins. Almonds contain monounsaturated fats (which help fight off those in your stomach), as well as magnesium, a key mineral when it comes to producing and maintaining muscle mass.

7. Get more dominated

You can do them to strengthen your biceps, but the same thing happens with weights: they also work for the core … as long as you do them properly, Bower warns. "Remember to activate your abs by pushing your legs against your body before climbing." This is his advice.

8. Get to bed earlier

One of the reasons why more hours in bed keeping your gut at bay was published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: Sleep deprivation changes your hormones. Your body is bound to secrete more grrelin, a hormone that increases your desire to eat, and less leptin, another to tell you when to stop. So less watch the Netflix network series and more sleep.

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